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The mission of PSTA is to connect, inform, support, and advocate for science educators and students in Pennsylvania.

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President Message

Galen Kreiser PSTA President 

We are at a critical time in Pennsylvania. It is time to push forward with the adoption of the Next Generation Science Standards and finally end the confusion about which set of science standards to use. NGSS are beautiful laid out and offer crosscutting themes to connect with math, English/Language arts and dare I say, Social Studies. As Science and/or STEM educators, PSTA members should be taking the lead in showing that teaching an individual subject no longer works, but that we must work across the hallways and help students realize that all subjects are intertwined and will only help them in their future.

I challenge each of you to seriously consider joining a PSTA committee or the PSTA board of directors (we have moved to more web-based meetings to save time and money in travel expenses). PSTA is changing with the times and with the integration of the young, enthusiastic board members with new ideas and the wisdom of the mature, enthusiastic board members that continue to work with PSTA, we have a very bright future ahead of us.

Have a great school year.

Galen Kreiser

PSTA President 2020

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Name Position Term Email Address
Galen Kreiser President 2020 galenkreiser(AT)
Samantha Ramaswamy President-Elect 2020
Douglas Brandt
Vice President 2020 douglas.brant(AT)
Andrew Walton Past President 2020 awalton(AT)
Don Kline Treasurer 2020-2024 dkline1(AT)
Todd Smeltz
Recording Secretary 2020-2024 moleman89(AT)
Christine Anne Royce Executive Secretary 2020-2024 caroyce(AT) 
Miranda Crostley Western College Representative 2018-2020 mcrotsley(AT)

Michele A Whitecraft,
Ph. D.

Central College Representative 2019-2021 jmwhitecr(AT)
Sunny Weiland Eastern College Representative 2017-2019 SunnyWeiland(AT) 
Lauren Beal Region I - Central Representative 2016-2018 lauren_Beal(AT)
Kathy Hill Region II - North Central Representative 2018-2020 kmm173(AT)
Cathy Stephenson Region III - Central Western Representative 2019-2021 cstephen(AT) 
Robert Cohen Region IV - Eastern Representative 2020-2023 rcohen(AT)
Alex Dzurick Region V - Mideastern Representative 2020-2023 alexdzurick(AT)
Bethany Badesso Region VI - Northeastern Representative 2019-2021 beth120482(AT)
VACANT Region VII - Midwestern Representative 2020-2022
Nicole VanTassel Region VIII - Northwestern Representative 2019-2021 nicoleevantassel(AT)
VACANT Region IX - Southern Representative 2017-2019
Valarie Loughnane Region X - Southeastern Representative 2018-2020 VLoughnane(AT)
Debbie Reynolds Region XI - Southwestern Representative 2020-2023 djkrey(AT)
Eileen M. Coughlin, M.Ed Region XII - Western Representative 2019-2021 emc981(AT)
Non-Voting Members:      
David Garbe Business & Industry Representative N/A david(AT)
Joe Shane Ed Policy & Legislative N/A jwshan(AT) 
Herb Crawford Non PSTA Awards N/A HGC1910(AT) 
David Bauman PDE Representative N/A davbauman(AT) 

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